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In our years of travel along the Groveland-Yosemite area, we often find ourselves on Highway 49, an interesting route that sometimes weaves, sometimes steep and always beautiful. Our last trip took us to casa madrona sausalito and Placerville and both are noteworthy with a great stopover. This route is good for those approaching Yosemite from Tahoe, heading south from Interstate 80 or Highway 50.

 We followed the route from north to south. The most common throughout this trip is the winery madrona and the history of the gold rush era with many other unpleasant distractions including theater and arts, regional crafts, music, farmland, and oh ... so much more! We started in Auburn old town looking for an "Omelette shop", a small restaurant (whose name comes to mind) in the old town, downtown specializing in serving omelets with 78 different recipes to choose from. I ordered the roast beef, tomato and red onion with a dollop of sour cream and it was delicious! Victor is more traditional but equally pleasing. This restaurant seems to gather a cowboy crowd and interesting local characters. Spend time checking out the cute shops in this area.

 We found some worthy notes including one of the most beautiful nurseries, Belle Flore Gardens, (1125 Lincoln Way 916-660-9701) located right in the middle of downtown Lincoln-High Street V. The Shoppe is a work of art and I can wander offerings they for hours, instead we bought some mothers and went to Pioneer Motherlode Mining Co., also in Lincoln Way. This store has all the little pieces that might be desired for the gold planner and the great equipment that the career miners need. This store is at once high tech with floating pumps and the old world with pots and vials of gold flakes. This is another stop that can spend more time.

 The highway is at the intersection of the Nursery and Lincoln roads and is split slightly on a hill. Well worth exploring with some comfortable stops for a drink break and night live music.

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